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Dec 13, 2011 8:00pm EST
. the iran threat reduction act and iran-north korea-syria reform and modernization act and i urge my colleagues to vote yes on both. we know from history that ignoring the threats of leaders, ignoring their building up of capabilities to threaten the rest of the world, is done so at great peril and at great cost. . i urge my colleagues to support this important piece of legislation. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. kucinich: could i ask how much time all parties have remaining? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio has 93/4 minutes. the gentleman from california has six minutes. and the gentlelady from florida has 3 1/2 minutes. the gentleman from ohio is recognized. mr. kucinich: i ask unanimous consent to include in the record an article from "arms control association" which states that the i.a.e.a. board resolution avoided direct censure of iran and did not declare iran to be in noncompliance with its activities. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. my mr. kucinich: my friend from oregon mentioned the question of oil
Dec 21, 2011 8:00pm EST
it when it gets here. >> all right. and on syria, what do additional steps to pressure the assad regime mean? what are you talking about there specifically? >> the fact is -- of the matter is that we have throughout this process worked both unilaterally and collectively to increase pressure and isolation on the assad regime. what you've seen is a continuation of horrific acts of violence, needless violence, against the syrian people. and it's clear that every metric shows the situation is moving against assad. defections of the military are on the rise. diplomats have begun leaving their posts and coming out in support of the syrian opposition. the opposition is more unified and more inclusive. the regime has been cut off by the arab league, by its traditional allies and neighbors like turkey, and the regime is under increasing financial duress due to international sanctions and weak domestic economic policies. it is only a matter of time before this regime comes to an end. only fear is holding it together, and governing that is based on fear is always doomed to fail. >> are you talking
Dec 8, 2011 1:00am EST
to stop them early than to stop them late. [applause] on syria, the policy of the nine states should be to replace the assad regime. we should do everything we can call verbally to help the dissident rebel and help them defeat the assad government. it is a dictatorship of very small minority in a country that is largely sunni. it would be a significant blow to iran to lose syria and to lose assad. it is worth the risk. to break up the iranian relationship. >> i am a student at rutgers university in new jersey. i would like to ask about people who have concerns about your elect ability, they tend to focus not on your congressional record but were on the accusations of past ethics violations. how would you answer that in the scheme of its electability? >> i think nancy pelosi has done a lot to answer it in the last few days. the democrats filed 84 charges against me. 83 were dismissed. the only one that arrive was the fact that my lawyers had written a letter inaccurately and i signed it. the democrats refuse to compromise on that. she was one of the three democrats in the process of r
Dec 2, 2011 1:00am EST
're abusing their own people. they are supporting syria's efforts on the abuse of the people of syria, and the list goes on and on. we have the international referee in nuclear proliferation has judged that iran is proceeding with a nuclear weapon. they point out that what they are doing would be inconsistent with anything but a nuclear weapon. we know that we are in an extremely dangerous situation, which brings us to timing. i just want to underscore, on both sides of the aisle, we appreciate the leadership of the obama administration in reaching out to the international community and getting more support for sanctions than we have had in the past. that is extremely important. but it starts with u.s. leadership. we have seen over and over again that without the united states stepping forward, the international community is slow and in many cases will not act at all. so, dealing with the central bank of iran, your own reports showed that they are money- laundering. they are assisting the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and they are assisting terrorism. we have cut off relations wit
Dec 7, 2011 1:00am EST
and the world is focusing much on what is going on in syria at the moment, and prior that that project prior to that libya and in egypt and so on. has this been a good thing for the palestinian cause or has it created expectations that cannot be met? >> our situation is different compared to the arab countries. first of all, we are still technically, effectively under israeli occupation. we can i brag that we have a state -- we cannot brag that we have a state so that our leaders will fight until death to stay in power, you know. we do not have that power to fight over it. therefore our struggle is with the israeli occupation. we do not have an internal -- internally, the palestinian people are focused on ending the israeli military occupation because this is our main objective. having said that, we said clearly that we are always on the side of the people's. and whatever error people choose in terms of their future regimes and governments, we are in support of the arab masses, because we the palestinians started popular uprisings against israeli in 1967 and 2000, and the arab people look up
Dec 22, 2011 1:00am EST
and to disseminate. there are so many times in the middle east where something is happening in syria, journalists are not allowed to get in, a military attack on a small village, i can get on twitter and message the people that follow me. within seconds, i will say -- i would get a number or a contact. i will get that information and do that journalism part, verify, report, and use the same technology used to get the information to disseminated to the public. this is become a two-way street. i would never have been able to get that content from my sources, but i was not able to disseminate without that same technology. >> so, again, you put out a tweed. -- tweet. what is the future of journalism? >> i think the constant thing that i got was not being told. media should not be beholden to the interest of the few that define the rundown, so to speak. it is all about your involvement and your engagement. people want to be able to understand what is happening. they do not want to be told information. they want to be involved in the knowledge process and the analysis of that information. >> can go the
Dec 30, 2011 1:00am EST
with libya. plans are being made to go into syria. they did not ask for designation there. congress should act on their own responsibilities. not deliver these powers to the executive branch. >> this is julio. >> i am here in chicago. always great to speak with you. i studied broadcasting in college, just to see the lack of a journalistic integrity from small-time bloggers. chris wallace of fox news saying if ron paul were to win the iowa caucus -- i hope people truly do their own research. turn off the tv and do their own research on candidates. it is clear by the way they have been attacking you, congressman paul, there's no journalistic integrity through the media. in terms of the economic war -- i'm 22 years old and investing in silver. i did research on john f. kennedy's executive order and when you talk about going back to the gold standard -- but the price of gold per ounce. silver, $30 an ounce. how can we get our currency back to where was? >> you cannot too quickly and less people change their minds about what the role of government should be. you can use gold and silver as legal
Dec 28, 2011 8:00pm EST
into syria and how soon can we start bombing iran? that is very precarious. so we now have a system where our personal liberties are not being protected and there could be problems in the street. we have had some indication that people are speaking out and they have every right to and they should, whether it is the tea party movement are the occup y movement. they're desperate because they are dissatisfied with the government and they're looking for answers. but we have to work our way out of this and respect to the honor and rule of law and respect individuals and protect everybody, not just certain people from all of these crimes. [applause] i talked a lot about the war's going on overseas. i did my best to try to stop them. i remember the first speech to give on the house floor about trying to stop something in iraq. it did not happen in 2001 or 2000. it happened in 1998. that is when they passed a bill that it is now our policy to have regime change in iraq and it would lead to war. we know what they're trying to do and we have to work our way out of it. that is why i want work on spendin
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)